Journal canadien d'archéologie volume 41, numéro 2 publié

Canadian Journal of Archaeology Volume 41, Issue 2 • 2017

Dans ce numéro :

  • Applying a Bayesian Approach in the Northeastern North American Context: Reassessment of the Temporal Boundaries of the “Pseudo-Scallop Shell Interaction Sphere”Ronan Méhault
  • The World of Capitena Ioannis: Basques and Inuit in the Seventeenth Century – Brad Loewen
  • From Molecules to Clay Pot Cooking at the Archaic-Woodland Transition: A Glimpse from Two Sites in the Middle St. Lawrence Valley, QCKarine Taché, Adrian Burke, and Oliver Craig
  • Practice Molds Place: Communities of Pottery Production and Situated Identities at Location 3 (AgHk-54) – Amanda Suko
  • Elements of an Ancient Tsimshian Dwelling: An Archaeology of Architecture in Prince Rupert Harbour, British ColumbiaA. Katherine Patton
  • Sampling and Subsampling at the Allandale Site: An Evaluation of the Standards of Practice of Zooarchaeology in Compliance Archaeology in OntarioAlicia L. Hawkins
  • Collaborative Public Archaeology in Manitoba: The Rural Museum Archaeological Outreach Project at Brandon University Mary E. Malainey, Gord Hill, Monique Brandt, and Beryth Strong

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