Roundtable Discussion for Supporting Black and Racialized Archaeologists-in-Training, in CRM and in Academia

Session Hosting Format: 
in-person session
Vendredi, mai 3, 2024 - 1:20pm - 3:00pm
  • Tommy Ng, Bison Historical Services Ltd.
  • John Somogyi-Csizmazia, North Island College
  • Neha Gupta, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Session Description (300 word max): 

The roundtable session builds on an invited “Black and POC in Archaeology” roundtable in 2021 which was held virtually. In this in-person roundtable, we invite archaeologists at all stages of their careers and from any sector to join the conversation on proposals to support Black and racialized archaeology students, CRM professionals, and academics in Canadian archaeology.

Together, we seek to listen, share, and reflect on actionable steps to implement proposals. Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the proposals prior to the roundtable. The proposals are published in the Canadian Journal of Archaeology (Gupta et al. forthcoming
2024, Issue 1).

Panelists include:
Rick Budhwa
Elaine Wen Cheng
Margarita de Guzman
Neha Gupta
Thanh Tam Huynh
Tommy Ng
Lisa Small
John Somogyi-Csizmazia
Alvina Tam
Achinie Wijesinghe
Emma Yasui