Chipping away at colonialism in archaeology: consent and collaboration

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in-person session
Vendredi, mai 3, 2024 - 8:00am - 10:00am
  • Shalen Prado, University of Saskatchewan
  • Garth Sutton, University of Manitoba
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Collaborative archaeological projects in recent years have made efforts decolonize the field by pursuing more respectful and inclusive archaeological research across Turtle Island. However, many aspects of archaeological education and research protocols require further critical review. In this session we will discuss such aspects including: problematizing access to archaeological collections (private, museum, and university), figuring out consent (i.e., who to ask?), how and when should archaeologists connect with collaborators, respect with belongings (i.e., artifacts), and giving back to community. Through a series of collaboratively structured questions, panelists will discuss these topics in an open dialogue to help orient archaeologists and other heritage professionals toward more respectful and de-colonial ways of doing archaeology in the field, the museum, and the classroom.

*This is an invited and structure panel session.*