President’s Message – Spring/Summer 2022

For the past two years Lisa Hodgetts has led an outstanding team and I’d like to begin my tenure with a big thanks to Lisa and the Board, not to mention the committees, working groups, and all other associates, for their dedication, hard work, support, and guidance.  As this team has shown, no-one whistles a symphony and I look forward to working with all of you over the next couple of years.

Thanks are also extended to the organizers and hosts of the 2022 conference in Edmonton which I was privileged to attend in person. All reports point to a successful and well attended event with 355 registrants. Approximately one-third attended virtually which confirms that we are gradually adapting to the new realities brought on by the pandemic and climate change. It is clear that the hybrid model is achievable in the post-pandemic era and I believe it is a step in the right direction.

At the conference’s Annual General Meeting the membership approved the Principles of Ethical Conduct with a minor revision which has been added as a last paragraph to the Preamble and can be viewed on the website. Thank you to everyone who gave of their time to finalize this document. As a member of that committee, I can attest to the lively discussions and the careful and thoughtful approach taken by each member. I’d also like to acknowledge those who participated in the survey. Your contribution was appreciated and incorporated into the final document.

Looking ahead, the next annual meeting (2023) will take place at the Mi’kmaq owned Membertou Trade and Convention Center on Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island). Kudos to the organizers for choosing this location which will mark the first time a CAA conference has taken place on a First Nation’s property. In 2024, the annual meeting will take place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  

If you are interested hosting in 2025, exploring the idea, or making a suggestion for the conference location feel free to reach out to me or any of the Board members.

As with any organization the CAA is enriched by the willingness of our peers to contribute their time and energy to our work.  Thank you to Christian Gates St. Pierre, who I had the pleasure of serving with on the Ethics Review Committee, who has completed his tenure on the Advocacy Committee. We are also looking for an Indigenous archaeologist or heritage professional to serve on the Indigenous Issues Committee. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact me directly.

Heading into my second year on the Board, I have a deepened appreciation for the standard of professionalism held by CAA members and their sense of responsibility and readiness to stand up when needed. I’m honoured to be a new member of our Unmarked Graves Working Group and have been invited to represent the CAA as an observer to ICOMOS’ Canadian Coalition for Cultural Heritage in Ukraine along with our student board member, Maryssa Barras.

Each day brings news from every corner and my aspiration is to remain current, thoughtful, and engaged. To this end I’m pleased to ask you to join me and the Board in welcoming Kirsten Mason, our new Social Media Coordinator, who will help us to keep pace with the globalized information age.

In closing, I’m pleased to share a passion for Canadian archaeology with all of you and I look forward to our work together in the coming months.  

Wishing everyone a safe and productive field season!