Government Affairs

Advocacy Committee

Statement of Purpose

The CAA Advocacy Committee supports the CAA’s objective “to serve as the national association capable of promoting activities advantageous to archaeology and discouraging activities detrimental to archaeology.” In this capacity the Advocacy Committee will:

  • Coordinate input from the membership on advocating for the promotion of archaeological heritage, and against activities that are potentially damaging to archaeological heritage.
  • Develop a network of individuals to increase public awareness and encourage broad-based lobbying to promote responsible, ethical management of archaeological resources.
  • Develop liaisons and work with related organizations such as Indigenous organizations, provincial archaeological societies and historical societies.
  • Produce materials to be disseminated through appropriate public channels, including but not limited to government offices, national and local media, and the internet.
  • Additional activities as determined by the Committee and the CAA Membership.

Contact: Ken Holyoke

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