About the CAA

CAA Committees

The committees are where much of the work of the CAA takes place. We welcome your input. If you have questions about the work of a committee or would like to become involved, please contact the committee chair directly. You will find the contact information and terms of reference for all CAA committees below.

Standing Committees

Advocacy Committee
Climate Change Committee
Ethics Review Committee
Indigenous Issues Committee
Membership Committee
Student Committee

President’s Ad Hoc Committees

Member Safety Committee

Working Groups

Equity and Diversity Working Group
Media Working Group

Award Committees

Smith-Wintemberg Award Committee:

  • CAA President (Chair)
  • CAA President-Elect/Past President
  • CAA Vice President
  • CAA Secretary-Treasurer 
  • Non-Board Member (Annual Service)

Roscoe Wilmeth Award Committee:

  • CAA President-Elect/Past President (Chair)
  • CAA President 
  • CJA Editor
  • Non-Board Member (Annual Service)
  • Non-Board Member (Annual Service)

Pendergast Award Committee:

  • CAA Vice-President (Chair)
  • CAA Secretary-Treasurer 
  • CJA Editor
  • Pendergast Family Member
  • Non-Board Member (Annual Service)

Daniel Weetaluktuk Competition Committee

  • Alicia Hawkins (Chair) 
  • Allison Bain
  • Farid Rametulla
  • Matt Boyd 
  • Peter Whittridge

Public Communications Awards Committee:

  • Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown (Chair, AB) 
  • Evelyn Siegfried (SK)
  • Genevieve Hill (BC)
  • Tim Rast (NL) 
  • Scott Hamilton (ON)
  • David M. Finch (NL & NWT) 
  • Matt Longstaffe (AB)

All Canadian Archaeological Association Committees are a subsection of the Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA), and must adhere to all bylaws enacted within the Constitution (Revised 2014) of the CAA. The CAA Constitution and Bylaws shall supersede any contravening Bylaws outlined in the Committee Terms of Reference.