The Smith-Wintemberg Award

The Smith-Wintemberg award is presented to honour professional members of the Canadian archaeological community who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the discipline of archaeology and our knowledge of the archaeological past of Canada.  This award is presented in any year, as merited.  An eligible candidate should have: 1) significantly advanced the training and practice of archaeologists, and/or 2) made exceptional research contributions, and/or 3) advanced method and theory in some significant way.  A recent CV of the candidate as well as a minimum two letters of support from his/her peers are required.  A letter of introduction by the nominating individual should highlight the achievements of the nominee.  Any supporting materials such as articles or previous awards deemed relevant may be included in the nomination dossier.  Candidacies for Canadian archaeologists working primarily outside of Canada can be accepted by the CAA, but priority will be given to archaeologists who have worked on Canadian archaeology for most of their careers.

In the first part of the twentieth century there were very few professional archaeologists in Canada. In the history of our profession two individuals stand out as people who laid many of the foundations of our discipline, one that we so easily take for granted. These two ardent and consummate archaeologists, Harlan I. Smith and William J. Wintemberg, inspired the Canadian Archaeological Association to create an award recognizing others who have followed in their footsteps with similar passion and commitment. Smith and Wintemberg, as well as the archaeologists who have been honoured with the Smith-Wintemberg Award are our professional elders. We can learn much from their professional lives.

Deadline for nominations:  February 15 of each year

For nominations contact: