51st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association: 2018 Winnipeg, Manitoba May 2–6, 2018

About the Logo

CAA/ACA Winnipeg, MB 2018


Destiny is an Indigenous interior designer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. While working for a local architecture firm, Destiny struggled to find interior finishes and furniture that reflected local Indigenous cultural identity. In 2014, she began to study ancient Indigenous pottery and bone tools collected from archaeological sites across Manitoba housed at the Manitoba Museum. The clay and bone pieces have dated anywhere from 350 to over 3000 years old. The delicate patterns inspired her to create her own line of textiles to use in commercial and residential interiors. Each pattern reflects the history and beauty of Indigenous cultures living here for thousands of years.

More information on Destiny’s work and products can be found at her website http://www.indigo-arrows.com/

The pot represented in the logo is Kame Hills Complex, recovered from Southern Indian Lake. It is suggested that Kame Hills pottery was produced by the Asiniskow Ithiniwak (Rocky Cree) people who have lived along the Churchill River for the past 1000 years. Representing this style of pottery in the logo is ideal since it is uniquely Manitoban.

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