About the Canadian Journal of Archaeology

Canadian Journal of Archaeology (CJA) is the biannual publication of the Canadian Archaeological Association. The CJA publishes original scholarly work on topics pertinent to the field of Canadian archaeology, or of more general theoretical or methodological application. An Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) assists the Editor with setting the direction of the journal, and with encouraging submissions. Submissions to the CJA are accepted in both English and French.

Several different types of works are published on a regular basis:

  • Articles are major research papers on topics of broad interest to archaeologists working within, or interested in, Canadian archaeology, and to informed members of the public.
  • Research Reports are shorter in length, more focused in subject, and generally of interest to a more select audience.
  • Commentary/Discussion papers provide dissenting or alternative points of view on recently published articles or research reports, or present new information pertinent to the topic.
  • Forum consists of position papers on current topics relevant to Canadian archaeology. Each paper is sent by the Editor to a number of individuals for their comments. The position paper and commentaries will subsequently be published together.
  • Book Reviews are generally solicited by the Book Review Editor, who is responsible for identifying new or recent publications on topics appropriate for review in the CJA.

Special Sections and Thematic Issues
Collections of papers on a central theme will be considered for publication as Special Sections in regular issues of the CJA, or as thematic issues of the CJA. The theme must be on a theoretical, methodological, culture historical, or other topic of broad interest to the CAA membership. See Guidelines for Authors for more information

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The Canadian Journal of Archaeology is published by the Canadian Archaeological Association.
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