Membership Committee

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to conceive and initiate actions designed to:

  • Increase membership in the CAA.
  • Retain existing members.
  • Solicit opinions of, and improve the benefits/experience of, current CAA members.

Contact: Maryssa Barras

Current Membership

Chair: Maryssa Barras, ON (2023–2026)
Members: vacant
Student Member: vacant

Scope: National and International

Authority: Recommendations and Communications of the Membership Committee must be approved by the CAA Board of Directors.

Committee Composition: The Membership Committee consists of a Chair (or Co-Chairs), and 4 other CAA members, ideally representing different regions of Canada and different sectors of the discipline (e.g. government CRM, private CRM, museums, academia). It may also include members in other countries and must include at least one student member. Membership is open to all CAA members.

Term: The term of service is three years, beginning and ending at the AGM. Terms can be renewed once and are staggered to ensure continuity.

Committee Communications: Meetings or other forms of communication are organized by the Committee Chair (or Co-Chairs).

Reporting: The Membership Committee reports in writing, and directly to the CAA Board of Directors. The Chair (or Co-Chairs) submits a report on work in progress at each of the two Board meetings annually (spring and fall). A representative from the committee will also make a brief summarizing report to the membership at the AGM during the annual conference.

Review: The Terms of Reference of the Membership Committee will be reviewed periodically by the CAA Board of Directors.