The Junction Site (DkPi-2) in Review

  • Brian C.Vivian, Lifeways of Canada
  • Janet Blakey, Lifeways of Canada

Archaeological investigations at the Junction Site (DkPi-2) in 1981, 1991-92 and 2015-2018 have identified the site as one of the largest, most complex, and best documented winter camps known in Southern Alberta.  Results of the excavations over time that have taken place here have created a well-documented database which represents the continued cultural use of this locale over the last 1000 years. Analysis and interpretation of these archaeological finds serve to illuminate the character of past lifeways at the Junction Site and shed light on the dynamic character of traditional cultures in southern Alberta over this time period.  In a previous review of the Junction Site artifact assemblage Barney Reeves concluded the Junction Site should be recogized as the “type site” for the Old Women’s Phase. This session is dedicated to reporting on new finds and providing a retrospective review of data from the site as a means of highlighting the Junction Site as the "type site" just as Reeves has suggested.