Poster Session: In Memory of Dr. Terry Gibson

  • Krista Gilliland, Western Heritage

At conferences, poster sessions are the great equalizer. From students to seasoned professionals, and from all aspects of the discipline (academic, consultant, avocational, and hobbyist), the poster session brings various groups together to provide a forum for fellowship, networking, and the exchange of ideas.

The conference poster session was a favourite of the late Dr. Terry Gibson, a leader in the use of magnetometry, innovative technologies, and a scientific approach in consulting archaeology. He was inspired and energized by meeting new people from all walks of life, the exchange of ideas, and reminiscing with friends and colleagues. Those who chatted with him at conferences often walked away having made a new friend or mentor, found inspiration, or were challenged to rethink their ideas.

It is with this spirit of creativity, community, and enthusiasm that Western Heritage is sponsoring a poster session in honour of the memory of one of our founding members. Researchers from all aspects of archaeology or history and from all career stages are encouraged to present. Conference participants are invited to attend the session, meet some new presenters, talk with old friends, and discuss some novel ideas. Visit ‘Terry’s Corner’ for a retrospective on some of the key projects over the course of his career, and have a drink in his memory.