Archaeology of Canada’s Dynamic Coasts

  • Kelly Monteleone, University of Calgary
  • Bryn Letham, Simon Fraser University

The dynamism of coastal landscapes was a force that ancient people reckoned with and which modern populations - archaeologists included - must account for. Reconstructing ancient coastal environments helps archaeologists to better predict and understand the locations of ancient settlements and in interpreting site formation processes. Furthermore, accounting for how people experienced coastline change informs our interpretations of the past and may contribute to discussions surrounding modern-day human-coastline interactions. This session invites discussions of methods or case studies for studying Canada’s changing coasts through an archaeological lens. How has sea level change or other geomorphological transformations impacted coastal landscapes and coastal populations? What cutting-edge methods are best employed for studying the archaeological record of these landscapes? How have past and/or present perceptions of the coastal change shaped our understanding of these places?