Pjila'si Welcome Bienvenue CAA/ACA 2023 Membertou, NS/NE 3–6 May/mai

55th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association


Membertou Heritage Park logo

We invite all CAA 2023 Conference participants to visit the Membertou Heritage Park, located beside the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre!

The Membertou Heritage Park consists of a five-acre site that offers a living history of the people of Membertou. A large indoor exhibit and program area offers visitors full immersion in an ancient culture - or walk with a tour guide and/or Elder to learn about the unique history, heritage, and culture through educational and interactive experiences. The Petroglyphs Gift Shop carries a wide array of traditional and contemporary Mi'kmaw arts and crafts made locally in Atlantic Canada. The Park will honour the spirituality and the strength of the Membertou people telling the story of Membertou, educating and sharing the Mi’kmaw culture and assisting in preserving Mi’kmaw heritage. Through the Membertou Heritage Park, all peoples have the opportunity to touch, feel and learn while experiencing firsthand the rich culture that is Membertou.

Membertou Heritage Park interior

Conference attendees are also invited to register in a variety of workshops at Membertou Heritage Park that we are offering during the 55th Annual meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association:

Beading Workshop

Wednesday, May 3 (20 people maximum)
Friday, May 5 (20 people maximum)

$26/person    Duration: 2 to 2.5 hrs

Make and take away a locally handcrafted bead work and listen to stories and teachings of our past. Entrance to the Heritage Park specializing in displays, tea and coffee complimentary.

Mi’kmaq Dream Catcher Workshop

Wednesday, May 3 (20 people maximum)
Friday, May 5 (20 people maximum)

$26/person    Duration: 2 to 2.5 hrs

Make and take away a locally handcrafted dream catcher and listen to the story of its origin. Entrance to the Heritage Park specializing in displays, video introduction, traditional guide sharing cultural teachings, tea and coffee complimentary. 

How to be an Ally & Reconciliation Workshop

Thursday, May 4 (30 people maximum)
Saturday, May 6 (30 people maximum)
$13.00/person - $10 = senior 55+ & Youth 16 under    Duration: 1 to 1.5 hrs

This workshop/power point teaches the importance of allyship. The importance of Reconciliation, perspectives and dangers of many types of allyship that may be doing more damage than good.

Please call (902) 567-5333 or (902) 562-0444 to book your experience workshop.

35 Su’n Awti
Nova Scotia
B1S 0H4

Membertou Heritage Park exterior

How to Design a Custom Solution for Archaeological Work

Date: Saturday, May 6
Time: 10:00am
Room: Kluskap D
Workshop Leader: Cora A. Woolsey
Sponsored by: ArchaeoSoft

Are you looking for more efficient ways to collect data? Are you hoping to expand the capabilities of your existing digital database system? Maybe you just like bringing the magic of coding to archaeological work. Good news: there are lots of ways to create better, snazzier, more efficient interfaces specific to your project. And, it can be fun! In this workshop, we will go over the basics of digital data collection, how to use database software and “no-code” app creation software to make an archaeological app, and what kinds of data collection strategies work best in the field and the lab. Participants will be introduced to three basic relational database structures and the logic behind each one; this will lead into a discussion of making sure your intended users can use what you have created. We will also talk about how to design for adverse use conditions, such as multiple users of varying skill levels and vulnerable and underpowered devices such as cel phones. Participants will have the opportunity to workshop ideas and get feedback on their projects. Beginning database users through to skilled programmers are all invited to partake and share their interests and expertise.

About the Instructor: Dr. Cora Woolsey has a PhD in archaeology from McMaster University with a specialization in Indigenous ceramics and database design. She is the Founder and CEO of ArchaeoSoft, a startup dedicated to creating STRATUM, a digital field notes tool for archaeologists. She has designed data solutions for a wide range of projects, including lab collections, in-depth ceramic analysis, field data collection, archival records research, literature reviews, thematic analysis, user needs, customer discovery, and more. She has also worked on research methods and data collection in several other fields, including health scineces and computer science. Her passion is developing solutions that make research fun and engaging, and in bringing archaeology to a wider audience.