Pjila'si Welcome Bienvenue CAA/ACA 2023 Membertou, NS/NE 3–6 May/mai

55th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association

Green Meeting Commitment

The 2023 CAA conference is “organized and implemented in such a way as to minimize negative impacts on the environment and promote a positive social impact for the host community.1” Every aspect of the conference has incorporated green initiatives in accordance with the CAA’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The CAA 2023 Eco-Friendly initiatives include:

  • Online conference planning meetings,
  • Hybrid sessions,
  • Green event venue,
  • Sustainable event vendors and local artisans,
  • Minimizing single-use products (e.g. no single-use plastic bottles, decanters of water and glass glasses),
  • Essential waste management (composting, recycling),
  • Environmentally conscious catering (sourcing seasonal and local ingredients wherever possible),
  • Paper-free registrations and programmes,
  • Digital Book Room and Book Swap,
  • Leftover food sharing with community associations,
  • Eco-friendly registration gift options and no swag,
  • Local artisans and vendors.

Green Tip!
In accordance with our green meeting commitment, we recommend seeking out one-stop flights, car-pooling, and considering carbon offsets when travel planning. While these options may not always be possible, every effort makes our world a little bit greener.

1 https://www.epa.gov/p2/green-meetings