Early Cultural Complexes on the Northern Northwest Coast

Symposium Paper

Early Cultural Complexes on the Northern Northwest Coast

R.E. Ackerman; T.D. Hamilton; R. Stuckenrath
Canadian Journal of Archaeology/Journal canadien d'archéologie 3:195-209 (1979)


The occupation of the northern sector of the Northwest Coast during the Early Period (circa 10,000-5,000 BP) is represented by a scattering of sites on the mainland and the off shore islands of the Alexander Archipelago. Definition of the cultural phase (s) is thus far limited to lithic inventories. Information, thus far available, indicates a considerable amount of contact among groups on the coast and continuing relations with interior groups on the mainland. Characterization of the coastal adaptations during this time period will be based mainly on data from archaeological and geological investigations, and from radiocarbon dating of sites in the Icy Strait-Lynn Canal region.

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