Call for Applications: Canadian Latin American Archaeology Society (CLAAS)

The Canadian Latin American Archaeology Society (CLAAS) is a Non-for-profit research society aimed at spotlighting Canadian archaeologists specializing in Latin America, presenting their work to a wide audience, connecting young students with renowned programs and teachers to further their archaeological education, and providing abundant resources and learning opportunities for the non-academic public to engage with archaeology.

Our society is run by a Board of Directors. We are now seeking applicants for the position of Events Director. This is a volunteer position, but a rewarding one for tenured professors and shovel bums alike. We encourage graduate and postdoctoral students to apply (please forward this email if you know someone who would be interested).

Duties: the Events Director orchestrates provincial events with localized members such as; lectures, screenings, talks, demonstrations, or private exhibit tours for members. The director shall be in contact with Research Director where lectures are university hosted. The director is responsible for organizing with the Executive Director an Annual Conference at which the meeting of members shall be held. Should the Executive Director be temporarily or permanently disposed, the Events Director shall take over the position until a new Executive Director is appointed.


  • Able to work well with others
  • Creative problem solving
  • Willing to learn through experience
  • Interest in outreach and education
  • Be a member of CLAAS (registration is $10/year starting in November)

For those who wish to apply, please send your most recent CV or Resume to with a small personal introduction in the body of the email.

Kathryn Florence
Executive Director, CLAAS