Roundtable: The Critical Need for a CRM Trade Association in Canada

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in-person session
Saturday, May 4, 2024 - 8:00am to 10:00am
Michelangelo B
  • Chelsea Colwell-Pasch, Colbr Consulting Inc.
  • Sara Beanlands, Boreas Heritage
  • Richard Grubb, ACRA
  • Ken Holyoke, University of Lethbridge
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This roundtable session is seeking individuals who are passionate about advancing CRM archaeology in Canada in the creation of, and need for, a CRM trade association. Similar to, and with support of, the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA), this proposed association will serve as a pillar of support for CRM archaeology firms and archaeologists across the country, provide a unified voice to lobby all levels of government and regulators for better practices and policies, and actively promote the teaching of CRM archaeology as an essential discipline in universities and academic institutions. Emphasizing this support is vital in fostering a thriving and sustainable future for CRM archaeology, ensuring the protection of our shared cultural heritage for generations to come. This roundtable will discuss topics critical to the CRM industry and will go over the initial setup and running of this membership-based association. It is believed that together, we can collectively elevate the standards of CRM archaeology and foster greater collaboration within our community. As an example of how a CRM trade association can be successful in Canada, a member of ACRA’s Executive Committee will present a brief history of that association, why it was formed, and how it benefits the CRM community in the United States. If you and the firm or institution you represent are interested in assisting in the creation of this professional association and becoming a member, this roundtable session is important to attend. The creation of a CRM trade association is an important first step in working together to establish a vibrant and influential platform for CRM archaeologists in Canada.