Dr. Mima Kapches

Date award received: 

The Roscoe Wilmeth Award is presented to those members who have a record of outstanding, long-term service to the CAA. This is the first year for this award and it is the pleasure of the CAA Board of Directors to present the award to Dr. Mima Kapches.

Mima had a long and distinguished career as an archaeologist at the Royal Ontario Museum and is well known for her many publications on the archaeology of Iroquoian peoples in Ontario. She is equally well known for her distinguished service to the CAA, which spans more than 40 years. Mima is perhaps the only CAA member to achieve the “trifecta”:  CAA President (1998-2000), CJA Editor (six years), Editor and Co-Editor of the CAA Newsletter (five years). She remains very active monitoring and contributing to the CAA’s Facebook page.

As CAA President, Mima encouraged the CAA to uphold high standards in its institutional image to the public and in its publications and she was a sound financial manager. She exercised her various CAA roles with unfailing optimism and commitment to helping her colleagues and balancing work and social life. Margaret Kennedy (nominator) noted that Mima, when she was President, mentored her not only on how to carry out the work of Secretary-Treasurer, but also how to select the best dining establishments in any city where the CAA meetings were held! Also, Mima enhanced the CAA website and promoted the creation of new content. Mima has a true passion for archaeology that has never diminished and continues to find ways of bringing archaeology to as many interested people as possible.

The CAA cannot think of a more deserving first recipient of the Roscoe Wilmeth Award than Mima Kapches.

Nominated by:  Margaret Kennedy, Dept. of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan