Saskatchewan Archaeological Society - Professional/Institutional category

Date award received: 

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, for their book Points of View: A Guide on Saskatchewan Projectile Points with Indigenous Perspectives (2022, edited by F. Boser, SAS).

A re-envisioned and reworking of a classic archaeological handbook, this will be the go-to manual for anyone interested in learning more about archaeology and how to identify projectile points of the Plains, Boreal Forest, and Taiga. Images were purposely selected to highlight the variation for different points, including broken and reworked examples. Unique to this book is the integration of Indigenous perspectives by a diversity of Indigenous voices. The placement of these chapters at the beginning is deliberate. It emphasizes the ‘two-eyed’ and ‘braided’ knowledge approach to the volume. The committee describes it as familiar yet refreshing, aspirational, full of high-quality visualizations—both print and associated digital materials—and of widespread appeal.