CJA Call for Papers

Canadian Journal of Archaeology / Journal canadien d'archéologie

We invite you to submit your manuscript to the Canadian Journal of Archaeology (CJA). Published by the Canadian Archaeological Association, the CJA is Canada’s national archaeology journal, the only journal that covers Canadian archaeology from coast to coast to coast.  But we don’t just publish Canadian archaeology. The CJA also publishes research from cross-border regions (Arctic, Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Pacific Northwest), and we encourage submissions from archaeologists based in Canada who are working in other parts of the world.

The Canadian Journal of Archaeology publishes two issues per year (spring and fall). All manuscripts should be submitted through our online submission system at http://cja.canadianarchaeology.com/index.php/CJA/index. Guidelines for preparing manuscripts for submission can be found at https://canadianarchaeology.com/caa/publications/cja/guidelines-cjajca-a.... Manuscripts submitted to the CJA receive rigorous peer review. Submissions are received and evaluated by the Editor and one or more members of the CJA Editorial Advisory Board. Manuscripts deemed appropriate for the CJA are then peer reviewed by at least three archaeological experts on the subject who are selected from across Canada and around the world. Turnaround time is fast. Manuscripts accepted for publication are normally published within one year of submission.

The Canadian Journal of Archaeology is now in its fifth decade as Canada’s national archaeology journal.  We publish thought provoking, cutting edge research that is widely read by a diverse audience. We encourage you to consider submitting your next manuscript to the CJA.

Gary Coupland
Editor, Canadian Journal of Archaeology