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Canadian Journal of Archaeology Volume 37, Issue 1

Canadian Journal of Archaeology Volume 37, Issue 1

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Teaching Complexity and Ambiguity in an Introductory World Prehistory Course Michael S. Bisson
Why We Need an Alternative Approach to the Study of Modern Human Behaviour Christopher J.  H. Ames, Julien Riel-Salvatore, and Benjamin R. Collins
Archaeological Survey in Eastern Guadalajara Province, Spain: Initial Results A. Burke, Maíllo J. Fernández, Fuertes N. Prieto, M. Bisson, P. James, and G. Levavasseur
A Spatial Analysis of the Late Mousterian Levels of Riparo Bombrini (Balzi Rossi, Italy) Julien Riel-Salvatore, Ingrid C. Ludeke, Fabio Negrino, and Brigitte M. Holt
Seasons of Difference: Stone Tool Use and Palaeolithic Seasonality in Central Europe Silvia Tomášková
Stir It Up, Little Darlin’: The Chipped Stone from Mixed Deposits from Caves Branch Rockshelter, Belize James W. Stemp, Gabriel D. Wrobel, Jaime J. Awe, and Kelly Payeur

Book Reviews/Comptes-rendus

The Archaeology of Colonialism: Intimate Encounters and Sexual Effects (Barbara L. Voss, and Eleanor Conlin Casella, editors) – reviewed by Kiara Beaulieu
Structure and Regional Diversity of the Meadowood Interaction Sphere (Karine Taché) – reviewed by William Fox
Sculpture and Social Dynamics in Preclassic Mesoamerica (Julia Guernsey) – reviewed by Nina Mittendorf
Caribou Inuit Traders of the Kivalliq Nunavut, Canada (Matthew Walls) – reviewed by Andrew M. Stewart

Editors Notes/Notes du rédacteur

Editor's Notes Gerald Oetelaar

As I indicated at the annual general meeting, this is my last issue as editor and perhaps fittingly, I end my tenure with a thematic issue, an initiative I instituted to increase the number of submissions. In fact, this is the second thematic issue and I encourage the readership to communicate their opinions on the merits of this initiative to the new editor, Gary Coupland. On the plus side, there is, as I pass the mantle, one article ready for publication and several more in various stages of the review process. As such, the second thematic issue provided more breathing room for the incoming editor than when either George or I took over the responsibilities. However, the merit of this initiative depends on the reactions of the readers and your assessments of the thematic issues.