Alberta Archaeological Review

The REVIEW’s purpose is two-fold: to convey news of the sponsoring organization’s activities throughout the province, and to provide a forum for the dissemination of archaeological research in Alberta.  It is of value to all who may be interested in the archaeological heritage of Alberta.  The REVIEW is a meeting ground for both amateur and professional archaeologists.
Individual members can submit material to the Review editor. If it is of a technical nature, the Editor may send it out for review.  Also, Editors greatly appreciate individual centre information, pictures, and notices of general interest.
To submit information to the Review’s editor contact:
Dan Meyer
c/o Lifeways of Canada Ltd.
107, 811 Manning Road N.E.   
Calgary, AB T2E 7L4                 

Please CLICK HERE for a list of the past Reviews. CLICK HERE to visit the Digital Archives of the University of Lethbridge. From there you can read and search through past issues of the Alberta Archaeological Review!

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