Archaeological Society of Alberta - Alberta Archaeology and Community Engagement

Date / Heure: 
Samedi, mai 9, 2020 - 8:00am
  • Shawn Bubel, Archaeological Society of Alberta

The aim of this session is to share information about Alberta archaeology to all those interested: academics, professional working in CRM, and the general public. The Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) serves as a liaison between the public and the Archaeological Survey/Royal Alberta Museum. Members of the ASA help protect Alberta's cultural resources and educate people about the importance these non-renewable resources. Thus, the ASA encourages the reporting of archaeological sites and artifacts, and assists in the dissemination of archaeological discoveries and projects. Presenters in this session will share information about their recent finds, field work, and research projects relating to Alberta Archaeology. This session is open to all those interested in Alberta Archaeology, and especially welcomes students and members of the public to present and attend.