Media Working Group

Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Media Working Group is to:

  • Develop a CAA social media policy
  • Review the current state of media presentation by the CAA, including social media channels, the website and other media outlets, and recommend changes.

Contact: Dave Norris

Current Membership

Chair: Dave Norris, ON
Members: Beth Compton, BC
  Katherine Cook, QC
  Stefan Moffat, ON
Student Member(s): Maryssa Barras, NL

Scope: National, with regional representatives.

Timeline: The Media Working Group will have a one year term and will dissolve at the 2021 AGM unless the Board of Directors decides to extend its tenure.

Authority: Recommendations and Communications of the Media Working Group must be approved by the CAA Executive Board.

Committee Composition: The Media Working Group consists of a Chair (or two Co-Chairs), and four other CAA members from across the country, including at least one student. Membership is also open to members in other countries.

Committee Communications: Meetings or other forms of communication are organized by the Working Group Chair.

Reporting: The Media Working Group reports in writing, and directly to the CAA Board of Directors. The Chair submits a report on work in progress at each of the two Board meetings annually (spring and fall). A representative from the committee will also make a brief summarizing report to the membership at the AGM during the annual conference.

Review: The Terms of Reference of the Media Working Group will be reviewed periodically by the CAA Board of Directors.

CAA Media Policy

The Canadian Archaeological Association is a leading voice in support of archaeology and heritage in Canada and beyond. Our members are engaged in exciting work and research across the country and around the world. CAA is committed to helping the media accurately represent archaeological and heritage issues and research to the public. We invite inquiries from the media about the practice of archaeology in Canada and the important work being done by our members.

Presentation of Human Remains in CAA Media

The CAA requires authors to obtain documented permission from descendant community(s) to present human remains in any media or form. Beyond genetics, descendant communities are defined here by their historical, cultural, and symbolic associations to places they consider ancestral.