Equity And Diversity Working Group

Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Equity and Diversity Working Group is to advance conversations about how the Canadian archaeological community can:

  • Support both awareness and transparent communication around equity and diversity issues;
  • Better align our practices with established and emergent ethical discussions and shifting demographic realities both within and outside of our discipline; and
  • Review, potentially establish, and contribute to conversations about national level codes of conduct, principles of community, and sexual harassment policies across different sectors of Canadian archaeology.

Current Projects

In order to create a more equitable approach to archaeological practice in Canada, boost diversity among archaeological practitioners, and fully understand the gains already made on both fronts, the working group surveyed Canadian archaeologists about their experiences in the discipline. Results of the survey are published in Canadian Journal of Archaeology 44(1). The working group recently completed follow-up interviews with diverse Canadian archaeologists in order to understand the dynamics that underlie their specific career trajectories; approaches to collegial and mentoring relationships; and experiences of fieldwork, training, teaching and management. Analysis of the interviews is ongoing and a report is forthcoming.

Contact: Lisa Hodgetts
e-mail: lisa.hodgetts@uwo.ca

Current Membership

Chair: Lisa Hodgetts
Members: Natasha Lyons
  Kisha Supernant
  John Welch
Advisory Board: Gary Coupland
  Joshua Dent
  Catherine Jalbert
  Alicia Hawkins
  Elsa Perry
  Farid Rahemtulla
  Meghan Walley
  Patricia Markert
  Alison Wylie

Scope: National, with regional representatives.

Timeline: The Working Group will have a five year term and will dissolve at the 2023 AGM unless the Board of Directors decides to extend its tenure.

Authority: Recommendations and Communications of the Equity and Diversity Working Group must be approved by the CAA Executive Board.

Committee Composition: The Equity and Diversity Working Group consists of a Chair (or two Co-Chairs), and 3 other CAA members. The Working Group will be guided by an Advisory Board of 8–10 members. Membership of both the Working Group and Advisory Board is open to all CAA members and every effort will be made to maximize their demographic diversity. The Advisory Board must include at least one student member.

Committee Communications: Meetings or other forms of communication are organized by the Working Group Chair (or Co-Chairs).

Reporting: The Equity and Diversity Working Group reports in writing, and directly to the CAA Board of Directors. The Chair (or Co-Chairs) submits a report on work in progress at each of the two Board meetings annually (spring and fall). A representative from the committee will also make a brief summarizing report to the membership at the AGM during the annual conference.

Review: The Terms of Reference of the Equity and Diversity Working Group will be reviewed periodically by the CAA Board of Directors.