CAA Commmittee on Members’ Safety

On May 15, 2019 the President of the CAA officially formed an ad hoc committee to draft a policy on member’s safety, especially in regard to sexual assault and harassment. This committee met for the first time on May 16, 2019 at the Annual Meeting held in Quebec City. The notes from this meeting can be found here.

In an effort to ensure that the membership is kept up to date about the work of this committee this tab on the CAA website will be updated with copies of committee notes, and progress reports against the task-based timeline.

If any member has questions about the committee or would like to become involved they can email the committee chair directly.

CAA Commmittee on Members’ Safety

Mandate: This committee is formed as an ad hoc committee to review the current policies of the CAA in relation to member safety, sexual assault, sexual harassment, code of conduct, and qualifications for membership and to draft and propose a new policy on sexual assault, sexual harassment and member conduct as well as updates to other policies and processes as necessary for implementation. The committee will report back to the board on progress by the fall board meeting and will bring a policy forward for review by the board in January/February of 2020, with expectation of the policy being voted on at the AGM in Edmonton in spring 2020.

Chair: Jennifer Campbell -

Term: Two (2) Year

Membership/Composition: The committee is open to all active members of the CAA. In order to allow for the drafting of a policy on a very accelerated timeline that includes sufficient time for review, committee members will join one of two teams; the writing team and the reviewer/advisory team.

  • Writing Team (4 members maximum): Jenn Campbell (Committee Chair), TBD
  • Reviewers (open): Kisha Supernant, Alicia Hawkins, Becky Goodwin, TBD

General workflow/timeline:

General workflow/timeline


Task Team Responsible ECD Status
Committee creation/Mandate and Term CAA Board May 15, 2019 Complete
Review Term/Mandate, refine scope of work and work plan Interested Members/Preliminary committee May 16, 2019 Complete
Review of existing CAA documents, policies and processes, also set up shared drive, committee tab on the CAA website for communication, and confirm committee roles and work plan Committee Chair May 2019 Underway
Review of other example organizations policies and processes(Kisha Supernant to share the files assembled by the SAA taskforce) Chair to circulate to the committee via shared drive May 2019 Underway
Create master list of desired policy and process elements Writing Team Early June 2019  
Circulate to committee reviewers for comments and feedback Reviewer/Advisory Team Comments Due end of June 2019  
Draft proposed policy and operational/organizational process changes Writing Team July-Aug 2019  
Circulate to committee reviewers for comments and feedback circulate to committee reviewers Reviewer/Advisory Team Due end of Aug 2019  
Incorporate changes and finalize draft Writing Team September 2019  
Ethics Committee review and Comment Ethics Committee October 2019  
Incorporate changes and finalize draft Writing Team (with possible consultation with reviewers) December 2019  
Ethics committee review and endorsement Ethics Committee January 2020  
Present to board for review and endorsement Members Safety Committee and Ethics Committee February 2020  
Circulate to membership (30 days prior to AGM) with necessary motions for adoption Jenn and Gary Warrick as respective committee chairs March/April 2020  
Bring before membership for vote CAA Board of Directors May 2020