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Large Stemmed Points from the Peace River Country, Northwestern Alberta

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Toronto (2006)


The Poohkay collection consists of large, quartzite stemmed points and other artifacts from a small knoll situated in the forks of the Peace and Smoky Rivers. Manufacturing strategy and patination suggest that the assemblage is of Early Prehistoric Period age. The Poohkay specimens resemble Sluiceway points from Alaska, but more precise similarities lie with the Western Stemmed Point tradition of the Great Basin and adjacent regions. The site is situated on a landform of glaciolacustrine origin, involving the mass movement of deposits near the floor of Glacial Lake Peace. The chronology of Glacial Lake Peace is uncertain, so that it is not clear when the site vicinity was available for habitation. The pattern of settlement-within a glacial lake basin-resembles that for other early points in western Canada, perhaps reflecting the attractiveness of such terrain to game populations.