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The Lake Temagami Site (CgHa-2): Comparing Materials and Manufacturing Methods from a Multi-Component Site in Northeastern Ontario

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Conference Paper


Edmonton (1994)


The multi-component Lake Temagami Site consists of at least four discrete clusters of lithic artifacts spread over an area of approximately ten acres. These clusters are interpreted as discrete occupation areas. The excavations in the first season of work (1993) concentrated on a single late prehistoric component. The component yielded a lithic assemblage dominated by quartz artifacts manufactured using bipolar reduction. Based on test pit samples, this stands in sharp contrast to the other three components which are dominated by rhyolite, greywacke and rhyolite and quartz respectively. Preliminary analysis of this assemblage has focused on the need for a meaningful method for describing quartz assemblages as well as a means of comparing such assemblages with those manufactured on other materials.